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Bethany [userpic]

Where did all the sane women go?

19th August 2009 (16:10)

Why are most women judgemental, grudge holding harpies? I tried going to a couple events with my moms group but it looks like I am now persona non grata. No one would talk to me and I seemed to get the cold shoulder whenever I tried to start a conversation. I must have said something on the chat room that the ring leader didn't like . . . Which is just stupid.
The problem is that I have never been good at making friends with other women. Even when I am not putting my foot in my mouth. I just don't approach everything from an emotional standpoint. I tend to be a little more anlytical or somethign and I usually call bs when I see it. I also tend to enjoy a good debate, which other people see as being argumentative.

*sigh* I dunno . . .


Posted by: Pocket Full of Posies (kambrieloktober)
Posted at: 20th August 2009 22:22 (UTC)
Altered Ego

I envy all the moms who don't work who can go on playdates during the day. Especially if those playdates include barhopping while the kids are in preschool!

If you guys put something together, let me know! Weekends are often free and regrettably sober the kids always want to get out and play. It would be nice to get together with some people from time to time!

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