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Bethany [userpic]

Where did all the sane women go?

19th August 2009 (16:10)

Why are most women judgemental, grudge holding harpies? I tried going to a couple events with my moms group but it looks like I am now persona non grata. No one would talk to me and I seemed to get the cold shoulder whenever I tried to start a conversation. I must have said something on the chat room that the ring leader didn't like . . . Which is just stupid.
The problem is that I have never been good at making friends with other women. Even when I am not putting my foot in my mouth. I just don't approach everything from an emotional standpoint. I tend to be a little more anlytical or somethign and I usually call bs when I see it. I also tend to enjoy a good debate, which other people see as being argumentative.

*sigh* I dunno . . .


Posted by: cerisefemme (cerisefemme)
Posted at: 20th August 2009 00:47 (UTC)

Yeah I know there have to be more likeminded folks out there, but I guess I just don't think I want to kill myself trying to find them. I dunno. Maybe when I have gotten some more sleep. :P

Posted by: Cute & Cuddly 'til you piss me off (wyngdlyon)
Posted at: 20th August 2009 06:18 (UTC)

Well there are at least the three of us right now that can start one.

I'm sure there are a few people in the anti_mom community that would be willing to meet up as well. '

Posted by: Pocket Full of Posies (kambrieloktober)
Posted at: 20th August 2009 22:16 (UTC)


Posted by: Cute & Cuddly 'til you piss me off (wyngdlyon)
Posted at: 20th August 2009 22:55 (UTC)

not yet.

She's taking her own sweet time.

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