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Bethany [userpic]

District 9 & GI Joe

15th August 2009 (18:58)

Saw District 9 and GI Joe today. The in laws were kind enough to take the munchkin for the majority of the day, they even took him to a neighborhood kids bday party. (Gave him too much junk food though. *sigh*)

Anyways, District 9 was good but dark and they obviously don't see a lot of good in the human race. GI Joe was . . . interesting. I never watched the cartoons when I was a kid though I obviously heard of 'em. (I did get Mario whispering in my ear throughout the movie "Hehehe, I OWNED that toy." *sheesh*) They obviously don't think very highly of women and I had hopes that the female characters would be portrayed like real people as there was the potential, but they weren't. The lame excuse for a villainous female lead was made even lamer when explained away at the end. And don't get me started on Scarlett, what a waste of a character.

*edit: After some discussion Mario and Idecided that District 9 is much like Children of Men with Clive Owen. Very dark and while Children of Men is about what happens to humanity when they have lost hope for the future and how badly they react when given hope again, District 9 has no hope in it at all. Even those so seem like good people in the begining turn out to be horrible monsters in the end.