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Bethany [userpic]

Writer's Block: A Bitter Pill to Swallow?

If you could get your exercise by taking a pill, would you? Why or why not?
Hell, yes. I don't have time for exercise so if I could get it done by pill I absolutly would. And don't tell me "If it is important you MAKE time for it" My answer will be "Well, fuck you, dimwit. You try running a business, working part time at ANOTHER job, raising a child and nuturing a marriage, all while trying to not go insane or get depressed. Then lets see how you do. Ass."

I am just full of 'tude right now . . .someone pissed me off.

Bethany [userpic]

(no subject)

19th August 2009 (17:25)

Not having a garbage disposal sucks. Especially when you throw away alot of leftovers . . . stinky!

When did my kid get so cute?

 A couple of days ago I cut my pinky finger pretty badly. Today Connor grasped it rather firmly and I said, "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

He immedeatly let go and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said "Mama ouchies?"

"Yes, bubba. Mama has an ouchie on her finger." And I showed him my bandaid wrapped pinky.

He held it very gently and said "I kiss it better," kissed the band aid, and went back to eating his crayons.

Bethany [userpic]

Where did all the sane women go?

19th August 2009 (16:10)

Why are most women judgemental, grudge holding harpies? I tried going to a couple events with my moms group but it looks like I am now persona non grata. No one would talk to me and I seemed to get the cold shoulder whenever I tried to start a conversation. I must have said something on the chat room that the ring leader didn't like . . . Which is just stupid.
The problem is that I have never been good at making friends with other women. Even when I am not putting my foot in my mouth. I just don't approach everything from an emotional standpoint. I tend to be a little more anlytical or somethign and I usually call bs when I see it. I also tend to enjoy a good debate, which other people see as being argumentative.

*sigh* I dunno . . .

Bethany [userpic]

Writer's Block: And the Apple Goes To

17th August 2009 (20:53)

Who is/was your favorite teacher in school?
Mr. Thomas at Mira Mesa HS. He took a fish out of water homeschooler and gave her stuff to do. He got me involved in the Academic Decathalon and speech and debate club. He also gave me books to read all throughout high school to expand my horizons from romance and teen books. He also taught me how to write an essay (something I did not learn in JR high.) If I could write him a letter of thanks I would.

Bethany [userpic]


17th August 2009 (08:03)

Yesterday I filled my gas tank with 16.132 gallons. You will never guess how much it cost me . . .

Guess. . . .Collapse )

Bethany [userpic]

District 9 & GI Joe

15th August 2009 (18:58)

Saw District 9 and GI Joe today. The in laws were kind enough to take the munchkin for the majority of the day, they even took him to a neighborhood kids bday party. (Gave him too much junk food though. *sigh*)

Warning Possible spoilersCollapse )

Bethany [userpic]

(no subject)

13th August 2009 (19:27)

Today I went on the websites for the following companies to look for a job:
L3 Communications
Northrup gruman
Lockheed Martin
AMN Health Care
Solar Turbines
Sempra Energy

And I applied for jobs on the following sites:
Jack in the Box

After doing all this I realized why I may not be having much luck with any of the full time positions I am applying for. . . My resume still says my objective is a part-time position. *head desk* I had to go back to all those sites and update my resume.

If you can think of any major employers in San Diego that I might have missed, feel free to send me a message. For now it is back to trolling CraigsList, HotJobs and Monster . . . yippee

*Edit: And after doing all of that, I had to go back and update my resume again because my lovely husband pointed out that I was not including my Geek 4 Hire experience on there. You would think being a busniess owner would be a good thing on a resume but I have my doubts. We shall see.

Bethany [userpic]

(no subject)

11th August 2009 (15:18)

Any resume experts out there who would be willing to take a look at my resume and give feedback? I find it odd that I have applied for so many jobs but only received two calls back. Mebbe I am doing something wrong . . .

Bethany [userpic]

Job Hunting sucks . . . part infinity

10th August 2009 (21:53)

I hate looking for a job. My last resort was to break down and call my former boss, begging for a job. which I did today. As it turns out she is not in the office for the nest week and a half. Niether was her boss. The other supervisor that I got along well with wasn't available either. SO I asked for the next available supervisor and I got the one CSS that I did not get along with. As a matter of fact i got her in trouble for refusing to help out my trainee. *sigh* Let's just say that she was not all that help ful and basically said I need to call back in three weeks when her boss is back. She did say that they are not hiring now, though. *sigh* Can I just go hide under a rock now?

Bethany [userpic]

Writer's Block: Memo to Myself

10th August 2009 (18:19)

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself more. Don't doubt yourself to death.

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