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Bethany [userpic]

Job Hunting sucks . . . part infinity

10th August 2009 (21:53)

I hate looking for a job. My last resort was to break down and call my former boss, begging for a job. which I did today. As it turns out she is not in the office for the nest week and a half. Niether was her boss. The other supervisor that I got along well with wasn't available either. SO I asked for the next available supervisor and I got the one CSS that I did not get along with. As a matter of fact i got her in trouble for refusing to help out my trainee. *sigh* Let's just say that she was not all that help ful and basically said I need to call back in three weeks when her boss is back. She did say that they are not hiring now, though. *sigh* Can I just go hide under a rock now?